Mr Beast Net Worth: Bio, Career, and Relationships

Jimmy Donaldson known more as his net based mostly alias Mr. Beast (earlier MrBeast6000), is AN yankee YouTuber, money specialist, and presenter.

He is know for his popular youtube stunts and high budget videos

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Full Name Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)
Birth Date May 7, 1998 (23 years old at the time of writing this)
Birth Place Kansas, U.S.
Height 6 ft 3 in
Partner single
Net Worth  25 Million Dollars
Facts about Mr. Beast

Early Life

Mr. Beast is YouTube star, donor and business person. Mr. Beast incorporates a total assets of $25 million.

Otherwise known as Jimmy Donaldson, Mr. Beast is known for his YouTube stunts that cost a lot of money. He’s viewed because the pioneer of humanitarian YouTube stunt recordings. He is one of the highest paid youtubers of all time. In 2020 he procured $24 million from his YouTube channel, stock deals and sponsorships with brands like Microsoft and Electronic Arts.

Jimmy invests most of his video profits into his next youtube video. He spends about $300,000 making one video, up from $10,000 a few of years previous.

His tricks can very often have a purpose, like giving money to outsiders or clench a full asylum of salvage canines.

As indicated by YouTube examination administration Social Blade, Mr. Beast makes a minimum of $3 million each month from YouTube advertisements alone.

As of right now, He has 3 channels, Mr. Beast, Mr. Beast Shorts and Beast Reacts brag a consolidated 90+ million endorsers.

People like to compare Mr beast and pewdiepie but Mr beast actually gets more United states viewers than pewdiepie between his 90 million subscribers vs Pewdiepies 110 million (at the time of this post)


Jimmy Donaldson was born in 1998, Greenville, North Carolina wherever he visited Greenville Christian Academy, graduating in 2016.

He started his youtube career under the username “MrBeast6000”. He went to college for a little while but left to pursue a full-time youtube career

His first videos he started counting to high numbers without stopping, which gradually gained a lot of views

The video would proceed to be seen in more than twenty one million times.

He has twelve million followers on Instagram, nine million followers on Twitter and thirteen million followers on TikTok.

He was appointed for Vlogger of the Year at the 2019 Shorty Awards.

He won the flight Creator grant. He was appointed for a 2020 Kids’ alternative Award for Favorite Male Social Star.

He won the 2020 You Tuber of the Year grant. He also won the 2020 Creator of the Year at the Streamy Awards. In a single week in July 2020, Mr. Beast non inheritable four hundred thousand new supporters and had in more than eighty million video sees.

The action created him the 20th most-famous character on YouTube throughout that amount.

Individual Life

Donaldson was born on May 7, 1998, in the province of Kansas. Donaldson was basically raised close by his sibling CJ in Greenville, North Carolina.

Mr beast moved on from Greenville Christian Academy, a private optional school nearby, in 2016. He momentarily went to East Carolina University prior to exiting. Donaldson experiences Crohn’s sickness, a provocative inside condition. In a 2019 post on Instagram, it was uncovered that Donaldson was dating Instagram model and web-based media powerhouse Maddy Spidell.

Mr Beast Height

He is approximately 6 feet and 3 inches tall.

Mr Beast Net Worth Net Worth

Mr. Beast is an American YouTube star, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Mr. Beast has a net worth of $25 million. Also known as Jimmy Donaldson, Mr. Beast is known for his YouTube stunts that give large sums of money away to friends or charity.

He is considered the pioneer of philanthropic YouTube stunt videos. He is also one of the highest-paid You Tubers on the planet. In 2020 he earned $24 million from his YouTube.