Kountry Wayne Net Worth, Age, Height, Biography

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Wayne Colley popularly known as Kountry Wayne is a US-based stand-up comedian and Instagram star 

who is known for making short sketch videos. 

Along with being a stand-up comedian Kountry has also a huge fan following on Instagram and as of 2022 he is followed by 3.2 million followers. 

Full Name Kountry Wayne
Date of Birth December 9, 1987
Place of Birth Waynesboro, Georgia, U. S
ProfessionStandup Comedian and Instagram Star
Relationship Status 
Net Worth $2 million
Facts about Kountry Wayne

Early Life 

Kountry was born on December the 9th 1987. 

He hails from Waynesboro, Georgia, U.S. 

There is not a lot of information about Kountry’s family and his personal life because he has kept it private. 

Although as per media sources Kountry’s father is his supporter. 

According to speculations his father was in prison. 


During his youth, Kountry was more inclined towards music but after he was not able to make it to the top he decided to become a comedian. 

Initially, he posted a video on Facebook which went viral giving him fame and recognition. 

Since then his career graph has had an upward shift and he has got opportunities to act in Hollywood films like “Holliday”, “Turnaround”, etc. 

He has also made an appearance in a television series called “Wild ‘N Out” 

Currently, Kountry has been posting short sketchy videos on his Instagram that have earned him a lot of praise. 

His video titled “When your baby momma car breaks down on the side of the road!” amassed 797K views in two days. 

Another video titled “Drip went back to his old job asking the guys to work for him!” has amused 700K views in three days. 

Individual Life

Kountry has had relationships with different ladies throughout his life. 

He has fathered nine children. 

He was married to Gena Colley and is also a mother to his daughter in 2017 but the couple parted ways in 2019. 

He dated a stand-up comedian called Jessica Moore while he was still married to his wife Gena Colley. 

The two called it off when Jessica came to know that Kountry was still in touch with other women. 

Kountry Wayne Net Worth

As per media sources, Kountry’s wealth is estimated to be around $2 million. A larger chunk of his wealth comes from him working as a 

stand-up comedian while he has around 3.2 million followers on Instagram which makes it easy for him to earn money through sponsorship posts. 

Kountry Wayne Height & Weight 

Kountry is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. He weighs around 70 kg. 

His bicep size is 12 inches while his shoe size is 7 (US).