Jack Harlow Net Worth: Age, Height, and Girlfriend

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Jack Thomas Harlow (aka Jack Harlow) is an American rapper born on march 13, 1998

His parents’ names are brian and maggie Harlow. Maggie is a businesswoman and Jack was raised on a horse farm

His huge hit “whats poppin” shot him to the top of the charts making him much more well known

He is signed to the record label Generation Now

Jack Harlow net worth at the time of this post is 4.5 million Dollars

Jack Harlow Net Worth
Full NameJack Thomas Harlow
Age23 (at the time of writing this)
Relationship status Single (at the time of writing this)
Source of incomeRapping and brand Sales
Place of BirthLouisville, Kentucky, USA
Jack Harlow’s net worth4.5 million
Jack Harlow’s height 6 feet tall
Jack Harlow Quick Facts

Early life

Jack harlow was born march 13, 1998 in louisville kentucky United states. At 12 years old Jack started taking an interest in rapping.

Jack started to make songs with a guitar hero mic to record his songs. His first CD called “rippin and rappin” was born.

He sold these CD’s at highland middle school where he was attending

Jack Harlow Net Worth and Career

Extra Credit was the first mixtape he made and not long after his first debut album was made called “Handsome Harlow”

Jack also released other mixtapes called 18, loose, gazebo, and confetti.

Sweet action was released with “whats poppin” which shot the album to the number 15 spot in canada and number 20 spot in the U.S.

He had some good features from other rappers like ace pro, Ronnie Lucciano,Quiiso, 2forwOyNe, Shloob.

Jack met DJ Drama while trying to make ends meet at a cafeteria in Atlanta. Dj Drama was so impressed by hus music that he signed him to his label generation now in 2018

Joining the record label proved to be a good thing because he came out with the mixtape titled “Loose”

The mixtape was well received which nabbed jack a BET hip hop award for best mixtape in 2019

What’s Poppin off the Shot jack to big-name status with an amassed view count of 190 million views as of 2021

“Tyler Herro” and “Moana” were also released by jack not too long after.

Jack released his first studio album on December 2 2020 titled ” That’s what they all say”

Jack Harlow Height, weight and appearance

Jack Harlow is about 6 feet tall (183 cm) and weighs in at about 180 pounds

Jack has medium-length hair which is also curly. His hair is also dark brown. Jack has blue eyes

Does jack Harlow have a girlfriend?

At this point in time jack Harlow doesn’t have a girlfriend. He has said publically that he has never fallen in love or had his heart broken

Jack wants his woman to be intelligent, sweet with a good sense of humor

Dating Rumors

Jack has been rumored to be dating the tik tok sensation Addison rae

Jack Harlow Net Worth (currently)

Jack has quickly amassed a net worth of 4.5 million dollars

Jack Harlow is only growing in popularity so that number is going to quickly rise