Davie504 Net Worth: Bio, Early Life, Relationship, and Career

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Davie504 was born in Savona, Italy Italian he is a YouTuber and musician. He started playing the bass guitar back in November 2009 and has done grooves, jams, and arrangements. He is known for uploading videos of his bass guitar, which he refers to as just bass or styled as bASS or B A S S. According to Social Blade, he has the most subscribers of any Italian YouTuber as of August 2020.

More than 25.96 million people check Davie504’s YouTube channel each month, and there are roughly 865.25 thousand views every day. Davie504 probably has several sources of income. Successful YouTubers have sponsors as well, and by marketing their own goods, they could boost profits. David504 net worth is estimated to be around $8 million as of 2022.

Screen NameDavie504
Real NameDavide Biale
Age28 Years Old
Birth DateApril 5, 1994
Birth PlaceSavona, Italy
Davie504 Net Worth as of 2022$8 Million

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Early Life

Davie504 was born on April 5, 1994, in Savona, Italy. Biale was born and raised in Albisola Superiore. He later dropped out of university in Genova to concentrate on his YouTube career. Later, he attended a college in London to study music production. In 2017, he relocated to Brighton. He has lived in Taiwan before. Biale has a native Taiwanese girlfriend who also plays the bass guitar.

Davie504 Age, Height, Weight, and Relationships

Being born оn 28 April 1994, Davie504 іѕ 28 уеаrѕ оld аѕ оf tоdау’ѕ dаtе July 2022. Нis hеіght іѕ 6 feet 3 inches tаll, аnd his wеіght is 65 kg.

The talented entertainer Davie504 has a strong sense of ownership over his situation. He had a reputation for being hesitant at the start of his career. He is rumored to be dating his Taiwanese girlfriend, Drungayu, who is also a bassist and has a YouTube channel.

2015 saw the beginning of their relationship. According to rumors, they both found each other on social media. The musical team has been together for more than five years and appears to be very content with one another.

They recently posted a video about how they celebrated their anniversary. A couple of bass players seemed to be quite devoted to one another. Both of them frequently appear on one another’s YouTube channels where they’re seen having fun and flirting with each other.

Davie504 Net Worth and Career

Davie504 began uploading cover songs of the Korn medley in 2012, playing with actual chili peppers and playing Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Along with the covers, he also creates videos in which he completes musical challenges that his audience post in the comments.

The tasks include performing 50 musical instruments in 2 minutes, playing slap bass solo for 5 hours, and more.

Additionally, in the spirit of PewDiePie’s LWIAY or Last Week I Asked You, he sometimes uploads episodes under the term SDAIAY Some Days Ago I Asked You.

Davide also created a show called “World Challenges,” in which his fans challenge him to use his bass to perform a certain song from a particular nation while flying there and He reviews memes posted by fans on his subreddit in the DAILY episodes. As of September 2020, Davie504 had more than 8.25 million members.

Davie504 Net Worth

Davie504 net worth is estimated to be around $8 Million as of 2022. His source of income is primarily from creating bass music videos for YouTube such as video games, films, cartoon themes, etc. He has a crush on funk music. Due to his passion for music creation. The famous and well-known Italian YouTuber Davie504 continues to reside in the UK.