Emma Chamberlain Net Worth: What is the massive influencer worth today? 2022

Many people ask what Emma Chamberlain Net Worth is since they are so popular

This hugely popular channel has over 11 million subscribers and gets 8 million views a month so its no wonder why people are looking to see what Emma Chamberlain net worth is

You probably also want to know how much Emma Chamberlain earns on a monthly, and yearly basis based on the number of views they’re getting

YouTube channels that are part of the YouTube Partner program earn money by Putting Ads in front of and during the video for every one thousand video views.

What is Emma Chamberlain Net Worth?

Her net worth is 5 million dollars as of 2022

it’s hard to tell exactly what Emma Chamberlain’s net worth is exactly since it’s not publicly displayed or told by them.

We can make a really close estimate though. 

Monetized YouTube channels may earn $3 to $8 per every one thousand video views

Sometimes the channels are well above this range so it’s quite possible certain channels will earn more money and on top of that sometimes YouTube channels can put multiple video ads inside their videos if it’s longer than 8 minutes!

If Emma Chamberlain is within this range, Net Worth Wonder is going to guess that Emma Chamberlain earns 83 thousand a month, totaling $1 million a year.

Now with all her sources of income, we actually estimate that she making around 3 million per year

How YouTubers make money

YouTubers make money a bunch of different ways

The first and most obvious way is advertising on their channels. This is done automatically by YouTube when inside the partner program

To get into the partner program you need 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers total to apply. Then they will review the channel and make sure its good for monetization

The next way that YouTubers make money is by affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products and getting a commission fee

Information products are another way that people make money online and these come in the forms of books, courses, audio programs, etc.

Merchandise and brand deals is another way people with influence make money online

Coaching/Mentorship is another way. Sometimes these big YouTubers will coach or mentor smaller channels willing to pay for their time

Now with all these other sources of income, you can make much more money from your audience than just from ads