Bad Bunny Net Worth: What is the Music Channel Worth Today?

If you’re wondering what bad bunny net worth is you’ve come to the right place

Bad Bunny is a music channel that has over 37 million subscribers at the time of writing this post

Bad bunny net worth

It is a massive channel amassing tons of views every month making them tons of money off Adsense advertising

It isn’t really public how much bad bunny takes in but we are familiar with youtube advertising rates and views

Bad Bunny Net Worth

Bad bunny earns a huge amount of money per year. The channel continues to grow at a massive pace every year

Bad bunny earns about 30 million dollars per year. The channel gets around 450 million views per month. Which is around 16 – 18 million views per day

Youtube Adsense revenue pays about 5 – 8 dollars per 1000 views and more than that in the later months like Oct, November, and December

Any channel monetized through just ads it will earn money per 1000 views. The more views you get the more money you will make

Bad Bunny is earning 2 million per month off of ads alone.

Now that we know that we need to take in the idea of sponsorships, brand deals, affiliate sales, and info products

How channels earn money

Google owns youtube so they will place video ads before a video plays and if the YouTuber has a partner they can place extra ads throughout the video to earn more per video

Youtubers also earn money through sponsorships, Affiliate offers, information products like courses and books, and brand deals

With that much attention coming to their channels and businesses they will make millions more off of their deals and products

Clothing lines are another way that people with big channels make money