Dan Bilzerian Net worth 2022: what is the man worth today??

If you’re wondering what Dan Bilzerian Net worth is you’ve come to the right place

Dan Bilzerian Net worth

Dan Bilzerian is most known for having a massive following and a high net worth. He owns multiple businesses and makes a ton of money.

He is involved in Venture capital, gambling, and acting

He is also well known for winning big games of poker

He co-founded an online poker room and victory poker

He has also acted and was a stuntman in the movies Lone Survivor and Olympus has fallen

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2022

Dan Bilzerian is worth 150 million dollars

Dan is known for winning a lot of poker to attain his funds

He now uses his social media following to sell more stuff as well

He invests in and owns many businesses as well that add to that fortune

How much money does Dan Bilzerian make?

Dan doesn’t actually work any kind of day job or anything. He makes money with poker and through business ventures

Dan has actually won 11 million dollars in one night before

Dan Bilzerian Height: how tall is Dan?

Dan is about 5 foot 9 inches tall